FIFA 18 Legacy Edition (PS3)

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GAMEPLAY FIFA 18 Legacy Edition will feature the same gameplay innovation from FIFA 17 without any new development or significant enhancements. PRESENTATION FIFA 18 Legacy Edition will feature an updated visual identity with a newly design in-game front end and menu screens. LEGACY MODES The following Game Modes will be included in FIFA 18 with the same features and innovations from FIFA 17. o Kick Off o Career Mode o Tournaments – Licensed and Custom o Women’s International Cup o Skill Games o Online Seasons o Online Friendlies o Be a Pro (Player/Goalkeeper) FIFA ULTIMATE TEAMTM FIFA Ultimate Team will include: o Manager Tasks o Single Player & Online Seasons o Single Player & Online Tournaments o Single Player & Online Draft o Online Single Match o Squad Building Challenges o Team of the Week Challenges FIFA Ultimate Team on FIFA 18 Legacy Edition will not include FUT ICONS.

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EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 Legacy Edition* launches September 29th on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 featuring the latest kits, clubs, and player squads from top leagues around the world. Gameplay features and modes will have parity with FIFA 17 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The FIFA 18 Legacy Edition Pre-Order offer includes up to £10 worth** of Jumbo Premium Gold Packs to kick-start your FIFA Ultimate Team™.

*FIFA 18: Legacy Edition only includes updated kits and squads.
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FIFA 18 Legacy Edition (PS3)